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Beat the Winter Chill this year with Cosy Bean Bags


As the temperatures drop, we'll be seeing some crisp and chilly mornings and nights before we feel that warming NZ Summer Sun again. But not to worry, it will quickly come around, so let’s make the most of these moments where you can snuggle up and slow down in our Bean Bags.

Beanz bean bags are the perfect addition to your home decor for the winter season helping you feel warm and relaxed. They are often considered comfortable and warm on winter days due to a combination of factors.

This is why our bean bags will keep you cozy and warm all season long!

    Softness and Flexibility:
    Bean bags are typically filled with small, polystyrene beads or foam, which allows them to conform to the shape of your body. This flexibility provides a soft and cozy seating experience, similar to sinking into a cloud. The cushioning effect helps relieve pressure points and offers a sense of comfort. Read here to find the bean bag filler that suits you.
      Bean bags offer the advantage of being able to mold them into various positions. You can sink into them, prop yourself up, or curl up in different ways to find the most comfortable and warm position for your body. This versatility allows you to adjust the bean bag to your liking and maximize your comfort.
        The filling material used in bean bags provides insulation. When you sit or lie on a bean bag, the beads or foam create a layer of insulation between your body and the cold air, helping to retain your body heat and keep you warm.
          Heat Retention:
          Bean bags tend to retain heat well. The filling material absorbs and traps your body heat, keeping it close to your body. This heat retention can make the bean bag feel warm and cozy, especially in winter when the ambient temperature is lower.
            Cozy Coverings:
            Whether you prefer our velvety bean bags, faux fur or maybe the more striking faux leather, we think that you shouldn't settle for anything less than pure comfort and warmth this winter. Sink into a comfy seat for work or studies, create a lounge-worthy lounger for binge-watching your favorite shows, or transform it into a bed for a well-deserved quick nap. These coverings add an extra layer of warmth and comfort, making the bean bag even cozier during winter months.

              Overall, the combination of softness, insulation, heat retention, cozy coverings, and versatility makes bean bags a popular choice for those seeking comfort and warmth during winter days.