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Where can I buy a Beanz Bean bag?
Please email us and we can refer you to our store near you.

The zip doesn’t have a tab on it to pull the zip open – how do I open the bag?
All Beanz beanbags come with a clip on them so when you are first filling them you can open them up. After that we recommend this is taken off so children can not get the zip open. If you need to open zip again you need a paper clip – hook clip through the zip loop to open it.
What age child does the Beanz Mini Bean suit?
The mini is suitable for children who can sit by themselves (so around 1 year) up to approximately five or six years old.

What is the metal ring on the Big Bean for?
It looks great. But more than that it is handy for hanging up your bag when not in use.

What can I use the Ottomans for?
These are versatile and can be used as a foot stool, or an extra seat, or pop a tray on them and use them as a spare side table.
What age is the Banana Bean bag for?
The base of it is big enough for an adult bottom so really it is suitable for big kids (5-6 years old) right through to adults.

How can I use the Mega Bean?
The Mega can be used as a big comfortable seat when sat on its end or can be laid on the ground and used to lie on – either way very comfy.

 My dog is too big for your large size Pet Bean – do you have any bigger ones?
If you have an extra large dog (eg Great Dane) you can use the Mega Bean because the Pet Bean Bag Large won't be big enough.  When filling the Mega for a pet bag fill it to around 250L and add more if you need it.  The dogs elbows shouldn't be touching the ground but you also don't want the bag so full that it looks like it is sitting on top of a mountain.
Can my cat use the Pet Bean small?
Sure – cats love them. Even when they stretch their claws out to get comfortable they won't pull strands out of the cover. 
Are the Beanz indoor/outdoor bean bags water proof?
They are water resistant so a light shower (or spilled drink) won’t hurt them, but they are not waterproof. We recommend you store them under cover (protected from rain and sun) when not in use as they will last longer.
What if my Beanz bag is left outside by accident and gets really wet?
In heavy rain the inner liner may become wet. Although we do not recommend they get saturated it is not going to ruin your bag if it does get wet through - you just need to dry it out by removing the liner from the outer bag and putting the filled liner in a sunny spot to dry out. And remember next time when you have finished using your bag for the day to store it undercover.
Do the Beanz bean bags come filled?
No our bags are in a stylish black box and make great gifts since they are a convenient size being supplied unfilled.
How do I fill a beanbag without getting white filler all over the room?
Check out our page on ‘filling instructions’ to make filling a beanbag easy.
What if I don’t have a bath to fill my beanbag in?
Fill it in a room with windows shut and with plenty of floor space so you can see if you drop any white filler. You do not want any breeze when filling or you will have white filler all over the place. 
Does the filler pack down over time?
Yes, over time the bean filler will compress slightly and your beanbag won’t feel as full as it did before. If you saved some extra beans from the original fill then just top up the bag with those, otherwise you can get 25L bags from most outlets that sell filler and this might just be enough to fluff things up again.
Where can I get beanbag filler from?
Mitre 10, Briscoes, Spotlight, K-Mart, Warehouse all sell beanbag filler. Have a ring around first to check out if they have bags in the size you need and also what their pricing is like.
What size bags does the filler come in?
Usually most places will stock 25L bags, 100L bags, and some might even stock 250L bags. Buying the 25L bags is not very economical though and if you need around 75L it is probably cheaper to buy 100L than 3x 25L bags of filler.
What price is filler?
Usually between $23-$30 for a 100L bag.  Sometimes stores have sales though and thats a good time to fill your bean bags.
My Beanz bean bag has a mark on it – how can I clean it?
Take off the cover from the inner liner.  Spot clean your cover with mild detergent and cloth using cold/luke warm water.  Put it out in the sun to dry off.  Put liner back in when dry.
If the bag is getting really grubby and it needs a good general wash you could put in the washing machine, although we don't recommend you do this regularly as over time this may weaken the water resistant liner.  If you are going to put it in the machine then make sure it is on gentle cycle, cold wash and use a very mild detergent.  Line dry - do not dry clean and do not put in a drier. 
My BBQ Cover is slightly bigger than your 4/5 measurement of 170cm, is this too measurement?
The 4/5 BBQ cover says on the box that the width fits 170cm , but it will fit up to a 174cm BBQ . Always measure the width of your BBQ at the front including the side tables.
My BBQ is 153cm wide will this still fit your 3/4 BBQ cover which says it fits 150cm?
No it will not, the 3/4 BBQ cover fits only up to 150cm wide,  it is a true size.